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About the Author

Mr. Mulholland is currently a campus dean and a professor of history and political science for a college in east-central Texas.   While that is true now, his previous occupations include lab/x-ray technician, police officer, chief of police, city manager, grant writer and secondary educator.  His vita includes "From Left to Write" in a university publication, his thesis "The Sixteen Months of Struensee," "Secondary Transition Skills," and various professional papers, as well as countless grant narratives.  Presently offered on Amazon as e-books are two, four-novel series, TERROR QUEST and BEYOND THE PALE, along with the novel WHITES ONLY.  Drawing on his experience as a police officer and a historian, TERROR QUEST explores modern day anarchy-for-hire linked to Russian expansionism.  He organized the counter-factual saga BEYOND THE PALE around the concept that the Western Hemisphere was spared the contamination of European conquest and the indigenous peoples were allowed to develop independently, answering the rhetorical question, “what would the world then look like”?  WHITES ONLY examines racism in the United States today and the threat it represents to the future of domestic tranquility of this nation.  His present project, the KLONIAC WARS, presents a classic struggle between good and evil.  The first novel in the series, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL, should be completed in 2015.

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